Midwest Street Stock Championship Kicks Off in 2017!

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(Buckingham, IL) For years, the Stock Car/Street Stock division has put on some of the best racing on a weekly basis but has lacked support by the casual fan. Tracks have grown more and more apart as they vie for the same cars to compete at their track(s) instead of others. It is time we bring an end to that. It is time that we, as a collective, start trying to help one another for the good of the sport we all love. That is why we have established the Midwest Street Stock Championship.

The Midwest Street Stock Championship is a regional traveling series highlighting events for the Stock Car/Street Stock division. The main point of the series is to form a collective of tracks that have made a pact to put their own differences aside and do what is best to help grow the sport.

The 2017 season will see races competed at several different tracks. Minimum payout we are hoping for is $1,000 to win and $80 to start. Races will be a minimum of 40 laps for feature events.

Tracks have been contacted but a finalized schedule has not been reached at this time. We will update the website and our social media channels when agreements have been made.

An informational meeting will be schedule for the first or second week of January.

Should you have any questions, feel free to comment on this article or send us an email at Info@MidwestStreetStocks.com

If you or your business is interested in marketing opportunities with the Midwest Street Stock Championship, please email Marketing@MidwestStreetStocks.com.

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