JAZ Products Joins MSSC as Series Dash Sponsor


(Buckingham, IL) MSSC Officials are proud to announce a new partnership with [JAZ Products](http://www.jazproducts.com/). [JAZ Products](http://www.jazproducts.com/) will be the Official Sponsor of the 2017 Season Ending Dash award.

[JAZ Products](http://www.jazproducts.com/) is the leading manufacturer of bucket seats, fuel cells, and pit accessories in the automotive aftermarket industry. [JAZ Products](http://www.jazproducts.com/)' first venture into the automotive racing market was in 1980 with their now famous "Baja Bust" plastic molded seat. [JAZ Products](http://www.jazproducts.com/) quickly expanded and today has a complete line of seats, fuel cells, and pit accessories which are internationally acclaimed by circle track, off road, and drag racers.

Every event in the 2017 MSSC Schedule will feature a Dash, a race consisting of all heat race winners to determine the starting order in the feature for those drivers. Those drivers will also earn points that go towards the Season Ending [JAZ Products](http://www.jazproducts.com/) Dash Award. The Season Ending [JAZ Products](http://www.jazproducts.com/) Dash Award will consist of the following products:
- (1) 16 Gallon [Pro Sport Fuel Cell with D-Ring Cap](http://www.jazproducts.com/store/pro-sport-with-d-ring-cap)(Two different dimensions to choose from)
- (1) [5 Gallon Fuel Jug](http://www.jazproducts.com/store/5-gallon-jaz-jugs) (Blue)
- (1) [Power Steering Tank](http://www.jazproducts.com/store/power-steering-tank) (Two Colors to choose from)
- (1) [Protecto Gear Case](http://www.jazproducts.com/store/protecto-cases)(Two variations to choose from)

"[JAZ Products](http://www.jazproducts.com/) is proud to be on board as a supporter of Midwest Street Stock Championship, and are happy to offer product awards to show appreciation for their efforts," said representative Brad Jewett. "[JAZ Products](http://www.jazproducts.com/) would like to wish the racers the best of luck in the 2017 racing season."

The 2017 MSSC Series Champion will also receive a [JAZ Products](http://www.jazproducts.com/) prize package, consisting of the following:
- (1) 16 Gallon [Pro Sport Fuel Cell with D-Ring Cap](http://www.jazproducts.com/store/pro-sport-with-d-ring-cap)
- (1) [Protecto Gear Case](http://www.jazproducts.com/store/protecto-cases)

Season Ending Hard Charger and [Side Bite Designs and Race Wraps](https://www.facebook.com/Sidebitedesignsandgraphics/) Rookie of the Year Winners will also receive:
- 12 or 16 Gallon [Pro Sport With Fill Valve - Check Valve Flapper](http://www.jazproducts.com/store/pro-sport-with-fill-valve---check-valve-flapper) (If one driver chooses the 12 gallon, the other will receive the 16 gallon and vice versa)

Season Ending [Driven Racing Oil](http://www.drivenracingoil.com/) Fast Time Award Winner will receive:
- (1) [Power Steering Tank](http://www.jazproducts.com/store/power-steering-tank)

"We are excited to be partnering with a company like [JAZ Products](http://www.jazproducts.com/)," said Tony Hubert, President of Business Operations for the MSSC. "Providing our drivers with the highest quality products is something we pride ourselves in at the MSSC and [JAZ Products](http://www.jazproducts.com/) fits that perfectly."

[JAZ Products](http://www.jazproducts.com/) decal must be in correct position per [Addendum C](http://midweststreetstockchampionship.myracepass.com/downloads/get.aspx?i=356116) on our [Rules](http://midweststreetstockchampionship.myracepass.com/rules/) page in order to be eligible for the season ending award.

The Midwest Street Stock Championship is proud to partner with the following companies for the 2017 racing season:
- [Driven Racing Oil](http://www.drivenracingoil.com/) (Official Sponsor of the 2017 Fast Time Award)
- [JAZ Products](http://www.jazproducts.com/) (Official Sponsor of the 2017 Dash Award
- [Side Bite Designs and Race Wraps](https://www.facebook.com/Sidebitedesignsandgraphics/) (Official Sponsor of the 2017 Rookie of the Year Award)
- [AutoMeter Competition Instruments](http://www.autometer.com/)
- [Saldana Racing Products](http://saldanaracingproducts.com/)
- [Radical Racegear](http://www.radicalracegear.com/) (Official Safety Apparel Company)
- [Hoosier Racing Tire](http://www.hoosiertire.com/)
- [RockAuto.com](http://www.rockauto.com)

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