Nick Macklin Q&A


(Buckingham, IL) Argenta, Illinois driver Nick Macklin currently leads the Midwest Street Stock Championship point standings by four points over Earl Park, Indiana's Jerrad Krick. Macklin captured the inaugural Dean Garland Classic at Macon Speedway earlier this year, the race that catapulted him to the top of the standings. After starting seventeenth in that race and winning, he also leads the [Dirt Trackin']( Hard Charger Point Standings by twelve points over Decatur, Illinois' Dave Crawley, Jr. We sat down with Nick and asked him a few questions about his season.

__After winning the Dean Garland Classic, where does that victory rank in your career?__

I have had several memorable wins in my career, however, the Dean Garland Classic probably ranks number one.

__In the last two MSSC races, you have a win and a second place finish. What would you attribute to your recent success?__

Overall, we have had a good car this year. I would attribute my recent success to fortunately, staying out of trouble and being there at the end.

__You are currently leading the MSSC Point Standings  by 4 points over Jerrad Krick. What is it going to take to bring home the series title?__

In order for me to bring home the series title, It's important to achieve strong heat race finishes and keep the car in one piece.

__There are 3 races left in the 2017 MSSC season. Which race are you most excited for and why?__

I'm extremely excited for the remaining three MSSC races. I've never raced at Peoria or Spoon, which creates a little more excitement.

__You've raced a lot of different cars over the years. Why did you decided to run a Street Stock?__

We started racing in the street stock class because the sponsors faded. The cost of running the other classes became too overwhelming to be competitive.

__What are your impressions of the Midwest Street Stock Championship in the first year of operation?__

I have had a blast running the MSSC this year. I've been impressed with the entire operation and I hope it continues for many more years to come.
MSSC Championship Point Standings
1. Nick Macklin               486
2. Jerrad Krick                -4
3. Dave Crawley, JR.      -6
4. Luke Gash                  -24
5. Chad Rockefeller       -30
6. Darrell Dick                -42
7. Jeremy Nichols          -58
8. Dane Arvin                 -62
9. Justin Crowell            -88
10. Rudy Zaragoza        -220
MSSC [Driven Racing Oil]( Fast Time Point Standings
1. Luke Gash               495
2. Jerrad Krick               -4
3. Nick Macklin              -9
4. Jeremy Nichols         -20
-. Dave Crawley, JR.     -20
MSSC [JAZ Products]( Dash Point Standings
1. Jerrad Krick             498
2. Luke Gash              -104
3. Dave Crawley, JR.  -200
4. Jeremy Nichols       -401
5. Darrell Dick             -402
6. Nick Macklin           -403
MSSC [Dirt Trackin']( Hard Charger Point Standings
1. Nick Macklin               38
2. Chad Rockefeller       -13
3. Dave Crawley, JR.     -16
4. Walt Layne                 -24
5. Andy Thompson        -31
MSSC [Side Bite Designs and Race Wraps]( Rookie of the Year Point Standings
1. Dane Arvin              484
2. Justin Crowell         -44
3. Walt Layne             -194
4. Wes Biesenthal      -334
5. Sean Leatherman  -348
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- [Driven Racing Oil]( (Official Sponsor of the 2017 Fast Time Award)
- [JAZ Products]( (Official Sponsor of the 2017 Dash Award)
- [Dirt Trackin']( (Official Sponsor of the 2017 Hard Charger Award)
- [Side Bite Designs and Race Wraps]( (Official Sponsor of the 2017 Rookie of the Year Award)
- [JT Plaques +]( (Official Trophy Provider)
- [BrakeOMeter®](
- [XS Power Batteries](
- [AutoMeter Competition Instruments](
- [Saldana Racing Products](
- [Radical Racegear]( (Official Safety Apparel Company)
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